Best Wishes to Our Amazing Grade 12 Seniors 

A student’s last official day of lessons as Prem senior students is a milestone event that signifies the upcoming closure of a special chapter in life. It is a day of celebration, joy, anticipation, and much reflection about experiences lived to get to that point in their education.

On Friday April 21st, our very own Grade 12 seniors lived their own last day of lessons before stepping into Study Leave and their final IB Diploma Examinations. With a determined commitment to preparing for their upcoming 3.5 weeks of final assessments, their attitude and mature demeanour throughout the day reflected mindsets very focused on pursuing excellence and achieving goals set at least 2 years ago. Their learning journey at Prem culminates with an exciting graduation on May 26th where we celebrate their growth as inspirational people and achievements as ambitious intellectuals. As an IB Continuum learning community, we are so very proud to recognise the outstanding impact this Class of 2023 had on so many of us, especially during the 2022-2023 academic year.

Prem’s Class of 2023 have proven themselves as exceptional people of excellent character who had an outstanding impact on our community; especially as they led us toward nurturing a renewed sense of belonging this year. Our senior students were pivotal influencers in fostering joy and togetherness, while setting an example of how to pursue personal success. This Class of 2023 is a group of Prem students who crafted an impressive and inspiring legacy. They have left a wonderful, memorable footprint in our hearts, our spirits, our learning environments, as well as in multiple arenas of sporting, cultural, social and academic life around campus. They were the epitome of community leadership throughout the 2022-2023 year.

Ghandi proclaimed – “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” I feel that our Class of 2023 lived and led this belief each day. Their influence on others feels immeasurable. Their example and role-modeling to younger students, peers and adults has been quite evident. Especially impressive was the quality of their attitude as they persevered with growth-mindsets through various tough COVID pandemic challenges which interrupted the smooth flow of life and IB learning for many many months. Our Grade 12 students have truly flourished through adversity during their time at Prem. And without question, we as a diverse learning community have flourished because of their positive impact in so many aspects of Panther school life.

Dear Grade 12 students – You have been pivotal in helping bring our community together as we learned to re-capture our sense of belonging after a challenging couple of years. Thank you for being you; for all you have done to energise school life, while staying very committed to all types of personal achievement. Thank you for offering such a meaningful contribution to our community with such big hearts.

Wishing you all the very best with conquering your final IB Diploma assessments! On behalf of our entire learning community, and everyone who has walked with you on this journey – We believe in you. You are awesome. We are so very very proud of you. We HEART you. We will miss you.

You all have incredibly bright futures ahead – May you enjoy being the architects of that journey. On behalf of your teachers, it has truly been an honour and a privilege for all of us to have walked with you. Congratulations on reaching this important life milestone. We look forward to helping celebrate your graduation from Prem in just a few short weeks.

Heartfelt regards,

Ajarn Shaun

Senior School Principal


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