Begin Again

During the past weekend of the 13th-14th of August, our boarding staff enthusiastically welcomed our boarding students back to our clusters. The first student who arrived and moved into his new room this year was a Grade 10 boy, ready to start afresh his education! Sunday afternoon was full of laughter and noise as boarders shared stories of their summer throughout clusters 10, 11 and 12. Our boarding students brought back their big smiles, excited to meet their friends, both old and new, many replete with new wardrobes! Many of them grew taller over the summer. This year our Juniors are all collected together in Cluster 10 where they can play games together, watch movies and participate in other activities and learning within their age groups. Our Grade 12s are excited to change from their uniforms to dressing smartly for themselves as well as taking on more responsibilities this year.

New boarders’ parents arrived with lots of shopping bags with their children and were excited to let their children experience boarding life. Parents helped their children settle things in their children’s rooms and boarding staff welcomed parents with coffee and snacks in all the clusters. Parents were found in boarding clusters chatting with their children about how they appreciated the boarding facilities provided by Prem.
During Monday night, freshly ironed uniforms could be found hanging up in the dorms, shoes, and backpacks arranged with stationery, and finally, all noise ceased by 23:30. These tell us all that all boarding students and staff are ready to Begin Again in AY 2017-2018!

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