Be True, Be You! Discover your Passion and Take Action!

Last Tuesday was our Grade 5  Primary Year Programme (PYP) Exhibition Day and what an amazing day! The PYP Exhibition is an important event in an International baccalaureate School. It’s the culminating event of our Grade 5 students at the end of their PYP journey where they apply all they have learned throughout their PYP journey through collaborative indepth inquiries. This year I was so fortunate, it was my first time, (after all my years as a PYP coordinator) to actually work with our Grade 5 students through their seven week exhibition process. It was such a rewarding experience as I interacted and observed the students sharing their learning during the Exhibition presentations on Tuesday.

Our overarching theme this year was Be True, Be You! Discover your Passion and Take Action! Initial activities were set up for students to really explore who they were, what their values were, what was important to them to provoke thinking about topics that were authentically linked to their passions. Throughout this process students demonstrated their ability to take responsibility for their learning as they were actively engaged in the planning, presenting and the assessing of their learning. Students thought deeply about how to ensure their action could be sustainable and have an impact on making change.

We are so proud of our students, as they confidently shared their learning with the community; demonstrating how knowledgeable they had become about their topics.They were all amazing, but I want to have a special acknowledgement of the EAL students. They presented so well, confidently using their English skills.

Finally, I would like to say a very special thank you to all those who made the exhibition so successful for the students. The teachers, the mentors, Kru. Emily, Khun Miew, the maintenance staff, the cafeteria staff, Bobby for the sound and lighting system on the day, and most importantly the Grade 5 parents, who supported their children with guidance and support. This year’s PYP exhibition was an amazing success because of the wonderful support from the Prem community.


Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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