Basketball Teams perform well at CMAC tournaments

This year Season 2 in CMAC has been a long season for our Prem JV and Varsity basketball teams, starting all the way back at the beginning of November and ending nearly at the end of February. However, the long season has given us a lot of time, games and tournaments to really see the development. During this time there has been a Bangkok tournament for our Varsity boys, Prem’s own JV invitational, the CMIS invitational and off course the end of season CMAC tournaments. The girls teams while not having high numbers, have shown great improvement and lots and lots of heart taking Grace, one of the traditional basketball powerhouses, to overtime at the CMAC tournament and putting in great performances at the Prem Invitational. Many of our girls played both JV and Varsity, so it was a great learning experience for them. Our Jv boys went unbeaten throughout the whole season, getting the final of the CMAC tournament, eventually losing out to CMIS in a back and forth game. In the last year for our G12 players the varsity boys played many games performing excellently at times. One thing is for certain, is that Prem Panthers basketball is on the rise!

Exploria and Prem Panthers Session/Season 3 Starting Soon!
This week the sign ups are taking place for Exploria session 3 and Prem Panthers season 3 (If you have not signed up, please do it quickly as sign ups finish on Friday March 1 at 6pm). The final session/season will start on Monday March 4 and we will see a number of Exploria returning as well as some Exploria that we have never seen before. Although the last CMAC season is quite short there will be lots of games and tournaments for our volleyball, futsal and badminton players. In addition, by the looks of our pre-season volleyball training we will have over 60 players out in 5 teams, which is a great number.

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