Barge Staff Community Service Trip at Baan Nasuan, Kanchanaburi

During the October School break, Barge Staff volunteered to work with the Karen hill-tribe students in Kanchanaburi. Trip leader Pa, shares the story:

The first day and a half, Barge staff conducted environmental education  activities related to water, forests, and ecosystems with the children. The kids responded really well and showed no signs of being tired at all!

On the third day of the camp, we met up at the school and headed to the community forest to do the dike. When the vehicles arrived, the kids spread out really quickly as they knew this forest well and hurried off to go and look for Mushrooms! Once we were all back at the dike making place, we helped each other to collect the properly sized rocks, while the teenage boys helped to cut bamboo and build the frame of the dike. 

We  learned and exchanged lots of knowledge while doing this activity. The teacher commented,  “The students got a lot from you being here,  they never concentrated or tried to learn English or any other knowledge that we prepared like this before. Can you come back every weekend?” That meant a lot to us.

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