Barge Program in Khao Yai

One of the exciting things about leading students in Khao Yai is the likelihood of seeing wild animals in their natural setting. We can be pretty certain of seeing sambar and barking deer and macaque during most trips, however this month has been jackpot month!

In the last week, Traidhos Barge Program had over one hundred and thirty children working in groups in Thailand's oldest National Park. The children from two international schools have been looking at habitat and life cycles as well as adaptation and human impact.

While we were walking along the forest trail, we spotted four gibbons at close range, as they shook the slender branches as they fed and swung through the trees. A giant squirrel with its long tail was easily spotted, several pied hornbills were heard and much to the excitement of the group of ten year olds, not to mention the staff with them, a herd of elephants was seen on the salt lick.

Seeing so many keystone species in their natural habitat is a powerful teaching tool in helping young learners understand the importance of conserving habitat and behaving responsibly in natural places.

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