Bamboo house

Our Grade 1 Unit of Inquiry is about Structures and Shelters, so the gardeners built us a bamboo house to help us learn. We liked seeing them building. We learned how to tie two sticks together. We felt excited to build things in the Builders’ Garden, next to the Junior School Undercroft.
At the Builders’ Garden, we saw two gentlemen building our house. They used a shovel to dig a hole and put the giant poles into the ground. To make the roof, they had to do weaving with leaves. They used a long bamboo string and made holes in the leaves to tie them together. We learned about weaving in our Thai Culture Class. We looked with our eyes to build our skills to make a ladder!
Now our house is finished and we need to agree on how many people can go inside at one time. We have named it The Bamboo House. Next, we are going to try and make our own bamboo houses.
Have you ever seen a bamboo house before? What does your house look like?
By Boeing, Carl, Leo, Paul and Tiger. Grade 1 students.

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