Badminton Debut and More Volleyball Wins

This school year saw the first edition of a Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) Badminton season. The response amongst Prem students was huge with 50 players signing up for the team. This week, Prem’s Badminton Team hosted APIS for friendly matches. It was a very even contest across the 30 matches played. A selection of the Prem team will compete in the CMAC championship tournament on Thursday 20 April. The U20 and U16 tournament will be help at a professional badminton facility in Chiang Mai. U14 tournament will be played at Nakornpayap International School (NIS) and the U12 tournament will be played at Prem.

Prem’s volleyball teams had a great week with the Varsity girls winning their home game on Monday against NIS in straight sets and the U14 girls and boys both coming out on top in games against Grace International School.

This week’s high school boys games against Lanna have been moved to Wednesday 29 March.

Next week will be another exciting one with our high school volleyball teams playing several games and our U12 futsal team heading to CMIS on Tuesday for a mini-tournament against CMIS and NIS.

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