AY 2015 Endicott Survey (Spring 2016)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have posted the AY 2015 Endicott Survey (Spring 2016) on the protected site.  We have posted the "Spring 2016" results as well as the "Longitudinal Survey" analysis that we received from the Endicott Center.

Both of these documents are rather long and contain comprehensive data, but we have published them to you, as was promised, exactly as we received them from the Endicott Center.  As we received the documents much later this year, we are not able to publish the customary analysis or the synopsis at this time.  Lucy Kyte (our Accreditation Coordinator) has completed both reviews and we are now engaged in a moderation phase to ensure that no errors have been made.  As soon as possible we will add the AY2015 analysis and the AY2015 synopsis to the protected site.  

We will, of course, inform you when these two documents have been published.

We would like to thank all parents and guardians who helped us by completing the Endicott survey.  Your insights will really help us to make our school even better for all members of our school community.  

Alun Cooper
Head of School

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