Prem Panthers sports programme


Prem enjoys excellent sports facilities, a Golf Academy. Tennis Centre. and Olympic size swimming pool.

Welcome From the Athletic Director

The Prem Panthers Athletics program is committed to providing students with opportunities to participate in a variety of sports in a positive and rewarding environment. We strongly believe that participation in sports can have a significant impact on developing positive habits and character traits which directly translate into academic success and prepare students to become responsible and compassionate members of society and future leaders.

Our teams compete in the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) and regularly travel throughout the region to attend invitational tournaments and events. A dedicated coaching staff, in addition to wonderful sports facilities, allow our students to strive for excellence, improve their skills and overall fitness levels, learn how to be part of an effective team and increase their understanding of the sport.

We are all very proud of our student-athletes and view sports as a vital part of our school’s community. Go Panthers!


Jamie Williams
Athletic Director

Core Values


The way we treat people and conduct ourselves in all situations.


The ability to overcome challenges and the strength to persevere.


Be loyal, reliable and hardworking.

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Athletic Programmes

Prem Athletic Code

  1. I understand that participation on a Prem sports team is an honour and a privilege.
  2. I will conduct myself at all times in a manner that reflects well on myself, Prem and the school community. Behavior and/or conduct that is not in the best interest of the school may constitute grounds for suspension or dismissal from the team and/or future teams, depending on the gravity of the offense.
  3. I understand the Prem Athletic and Academic Eligibility Policy (found in the Athlete Handbook) and it is my responsibility to meet these requirements. When I miss class due to my participation in Prem Athletics, I will personally notify my teachers in advance and I will arrange for make-up work or tests.
  4. I will attend all scheduled practices and games/competitions. I will make every effort to schedule appointments outside of scheduled practices and game/competition times. If I must miss a scheduled practice or game/competition, I will personally notify my coach in a timely manner. Suspension or expulsion from a team as a result of an unexcused absence is at the head coach’s discretion.
  5. I understand that the use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol on Prem campus, school trips or while representing Prem at any athletic contest or other function will not be tolerated and will result in immediate suspension or expulsion from the team.
  6. I will be loyal to my team and I will strive for excellence when taking part in Prem Athletics.
  7. I understand that violation of this Athletic Code may lead to suspension or expulsion from the team, which will be the decision of the Athletic Director and Senior School Principal. I confirm that I have downloaded and read the Athlete Handbook from the school website and I am familiar with its contents.

Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC)

Prem primarily participates in a local sports league called the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC).There are seven schools that participate in CMAC:

  • Prem Tinsulanonda International School (PTIS)
  • American Pacific International School (APIS)
  • Chiang Mai International School (CMIS)
  • Grace International School (GIS)
  • Lanna International School (LIST)
  • Nakorn-Payap International School (NIS)
  • Chiang Mai German Christian School (CDSC)
  • Unity Concord International School (UCIS)
  • Varee International School (VIS): Provisional Member
  • Americano-Chinese International School (ACIS): Provisional Member

To visit the CMAC website with full details and calendar click – HERE.

Sports Available

Sports offered at Prem: Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Futsall, Golf, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Track and Field, and Volleyball. Teams primarily participate in a local sports league called the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC). More information about the sports programme can be found in this handbook.