Assessment in the Senior School - Parent Presentation

On May 9 about 35 parents of Senior School students attended an interactive parent presentation about assessment in the Senior School. The focus of the session was to introduce the Prem Whole School Assessment Agreement that was revised last year and to highlight key aspects of how assessment is used by teachers. The group learned about how teachers use formative assessment in combination with summative assessments to develop a better understanding of how students are learning in their classrooms. Criteria based teaching was explained and the parents were reminded that teachers post all assessment results on ManageBac and how to review those results. Reporting procedures were discussed, including what learning behaviours are, and how teachers assess them. Additionally, the programme coordinators reviewed how assessment works in the MYP, DP and CP programmes, as each is very different.

During the session parents were able to ask clarifying questions and during the process, it became clear that there are a few more parent sessions that they would like to see occur, and that the community can look forward to participating in. The sessions identified were: Homework in the Middle School, how to use ManageBac effectively to track a child’s progress and a session for Grade 10 and 11 parents about the details of assessment and procedures in the Diploma Programme.

If you were not able to attend the session, but would like more information about the assessment policy please find a link to the PDF version of the Prem Whole School Assessment Agreement. Also, the presentation is available to view below. If you have more questions about assessment or any other aspects of the IB programmes, please contact A. Gita, the IBDP Coordinator ( or A. Nicole, the IBCP Coordinator (

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