Asking for a Greener Future

Greta Thunberg has become a household name, recognised around the world for her efforts to impact climate change. It has been less than 3 years since she first sat outside the Swedish Parliament on Friday holding a sign reading Skolstrejk för klimatet: “School Strike for Climate.” And since then, she has gone on to meet with leading scientists, government officials, presidents, and the Pope in a bid to get them to listen to her and make change happen.
From the USA to Asia, including here in Thailand, the number of youth environmental activists is on the rise as they choose to fight for a greener planet. Youth-led protests, demonstrations, community projects and social media campaigns are gaining momentum; and aided by current technology and communications, their voices are growing louder and reaching more people than ever before. These young people are recognising the human-environment connection because it is affecting their futures in ways it maybe didn’t affect our elders. Providing a fresh outlook on environmental issues and the sustained pressure, the inspiration and hope for positive environmental action increases.

Jo Eames

Head of Traidhos Barge Program

Jo has worked with the Barge Program for two years, most recently as Head of Barge. She  has a degree in marine zoology, loves marine programs and is a keen diver.

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