Asian Food with Ajarn Luke

Now a month into Term 1, the IBCP students are progressing with their Asian food unit.  Susu, Mia, Thomas and Leona trailed their chosen three-course menus.  This was a valuable opportunity for them to  experience “real kitchen pressure” as they had to produce a restaurant-quality menu within a tight time constraint.  Each chef was assigned two sous chefs to get the job done, so as well-being creative directors, they also had to delegate and communicate effectively.  The finished products were of a very high standard and both Ajarn Luke and Chef Tummaoon were most impressed with the taste and presentation of these young chefs!

As always a huge thank you to chef Tummanoon of Krapood Kitchen for his co-operation and support of Prem and the IBCP program. 

Grade 6S recently re-defined the word "sushi".  With collaboration, co-operation and pure enthusiasm, they broke the sushi sound barrier and most importantly had a lot of fun in the process.  Ajarn Luke says, “These kids are so confident and full of positivity, that my job is purely facilitator.  When I grow up, I want to be just like Grade 6s.”

This group is currently working on a top-secret food development project.  I cannot reveal too much at this time, but we can tell you it involves working in groups to make a nutritious and delicious food product.  Stay tuned for more word on this soon.

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