Arts Residency Thailand

The last few weeks of this academic year have seen some incredible collaborations and project engagement from Prem’s Artist Residency Thailand contributors.

Rosi Greenberg continued to work across our school providing some insightful and thought-provoking workshops for grade 4 students, CP students and of course, a range of open-access workshops that provided opportunities for our whole faculty and wider community. Rosi’s engagements have helped inform how some units of inquiry will be delivered next year in our junior school and her skills and insight regarding leadership development played an important role in bringing together Prem’s own leadership team earlier this month

Using a fascinating blend of psychology, visual arts, storytelling and theatre, Rosi explored ways in which we can develop leadership and skills for co-collaboration via examining our own fears, inner critics and unconscious ways in which we communicate with ourselves and others. We are looking forward to working with Rosi again in the future and will begin developing our plans when Prem presents our ARThailand programme in Boston this November, both at the Transcultural Exchange Conference and to students at Harvard’s faculty of arts in education.

Following on from Rosi’s residency and connecting to the theme of psychology and creativity, this week has seen our grade 5 students working with ‘creative practitioner’ and artist-teacher Mark Barnett. Using artificial intelligence examining algorithms and making our own computer programmes, Mark helped our grade 5 students to make connections between bias in computer programming and personal bias in our own lives. This digital adventure not only helped our students to be more conscious of the origins of their own opinions but served as an effective way to develop vital emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills.

With over 400 applications and inquiries per year, our internationally acclaimed Artist Residency Thailand programme, is proud to provide bespoke, powerful and unique opportunities for our students, faculty and wider community. We look forward to sharing the programming, projects, artists and creative thinkers for the next academic year when we all return to Prem in August.


Alex Soulsby

Creative Director

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