Arts Day Out: Grade 11 and 12

While Grades 6-10 worked on Arts activities around the school for Arts Day Out, the Grade 11 and 12 students participated in different sessions.  The Grade 11 students had a session that focused on their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) class connected to the Area of Knowledge "The Arts". The Grade 12 students prepared for the Mock Exams which will occur 23 – 27 February.


The Grade 11 TOK students worked on creative arts projects connected to visual arts, music, drama, literature and dance whilst answering the claim: The most reliable/valuable knowledge in the Arts is created through the medium of performance/music/drama/dance/visual art/literature. They all created an example of the medium assigned, created a knowledge question in connection with the medium, and did research to support their claims and counterclaims of their Knowledge questions. The TOK teachers were very impressed with the effort, focus, and thinking that we saw throughout the day which culminated in presentations of all their efforts. The movies, art pieces, writing pieces, rap, and dance created were truly creative and the students enjoyed the process.

Grade 12 students spent the Arts Day Out understanding how Mock Exams work, and preparing for and developing plans for exam review and strategies to use in the revision process, including how to lessen stress levels during this time. The sessions began with a mock exam situation where they learned the rules of the exam room, arriving on time, and what could be expected.

The second session focused on visualising graduation day, and a reminder of where the whole process of their learning was leading. Then they began to develop a calendar for the next month of revision, followed by a session in which they discussed how to deal with the upcoming stress levels, and finally ending with a carousel activity where they learned about different revision techniques that they could apply to their revision times in order to vary strategies. All in all the day was a fruitful process for the Grade 12s, and hopefully they will tackle preparation for the Mock Exams in an organised and developed way.

Gita Gemuts
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator
Psychology and Theory of Knowledge Teacher

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