ARThailand Residency

ARThailand’s current resident Sculptor, Ross Finch, has been working across our school these last two weeks, engaging students, staff and community, integrating sculptural techniques into learning.

Most of this week has been spent building giant, community poetry sculptures, introducing our CP students to techniques for manipulating sustainable materials, helping grade-5 develop their creative-collaboration skills and critiquing work with our DP Visual Arts students. Earlier last week, he lent his expertise to helping support grade-7 students explore function with bamboo, as well as inputting ideas and demonstrating public-art pitching approaches with MYP Art and Design students.
As we begin to regularly welcome more artists, creative practitioners and creative thinkers back into our internationally celebrated programme, It’s fantastic to see the range of ways in which they help to support not just student growth and learning, but connection and interaction within our school community.
As we say goodbye to Ross this week, we look forward to welcoming internationally acclaimed composer and musician Nicholas Lens on April 22. Nicholas will be collaborating with Middle School music students, Senior School film students and additional interactions through our Music Academy.

Alex Soulsby

Creative Director ARThailand/Prem International School

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