Art For Peace in Ukraine

Grade 5 have been busy learning about types of Migrants and the reasons why people Migrate. Many of the students have been making connections to the current events of the situation now happening in Ukraine. The Pechersk School International has started a global campaign called #artforpeaceinukraine. This is where anyone can create a piece of art and upload it to a padlet of a world map.
The Grade 5 heard of this project and were really keen to participate. They decided they wanted to do something like a collaborative mural but all put their individual perspectives to design an image or a  symbol that represents peace to them. We uploaded our work to the Padlet and shared a sample of our Mural.
Here is the link if you at home would like to add to this world message board that War is not OK and we need peace for the people of Ukraine and other people around the world affected by conflict.

Mary ann Van de Weerd

PYP Coordinator/JS Deputy Principal

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