Art Exhibition Work Experience for our CP Students

Our work experience was chosen from a strong love that Leczin and I both share in Art. We were first introduced to Som, the Director of Asia Culture Station, at a Business Insight gathering held at school and immediately found a common ground as she was just, if not more in love with art than we were. Over the next couple of days we went to her small studio in Nimman and worked alongside her with various different projects preparing for an Art Exhibition. Some of our works have been hung as posters at cafes around the area. The most important thing that we both learned was that, to be successful in art is not about making money and having fame, it is instead being happy with what you are doing and also having people around you who feel the same and support you. I am very grateful for the experiences that the Prem CP Start-Up Exploria has given to me and cannot wait to do it again.

Written by Jamyang (G11 Career-related Programme Student)

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