Around the World in Grade 2

Last month Grade 2 began a new and exciting Unit of Inquiry which focused on Where we are in Place and Time. One month later— We have found ourselves overjoyed, and beyond impressed with our students’ acquisition of thinking skills, knowledge, and open-mindedness throughout the course of this unit. 

Upon inviting members of the Prem community to join Grade 2 in sharing pictures and stories of their adventures around the world at various geological features to help us gain an understanding of the world around us— We were blown away by the immense support and experience our students, families, and fellow educators had to offer. 

Special guests have taken the time to visit our classes over the past weeks to introduce a unique part of the world to our Grade 2 students. We have honoured and remembered each experience by adding each guest speaker’s photo to our world map, which has, in turn, excited, intrigued, and encouraged interest in our students to research our unit’s focus on geological features. 

Thanks to the support of our wonderful and diverse community at Prem— We have had the pleasure of learning about geological features through pictures and stories describing first-hand accounts of unique landforms around the world. By listening to the tales of one another— Grade 2 has ventured across mountains, volcanoes, plains, spits, valleys, sand dunes, hills, canyons, cliffs, rivers, and waterfalls around the world. We cannot wait to continue our journey by learning about the world we live in, and exploring what brought us to the wonderful place and time we exist in today. 


Grace Gedrich

Grade 2 teacher

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