Any Given Weekday in Boarding with our Juniors

What do boarders do after classes end at 3 pm? Not exploria, after exploria?
Well, they come home sweet home to their beloved apartments. They find fresh fruits, fresh milk and an assortment of tasty sandwiches waiting for them in their respective common rooms.

If we pick a random week day like a Tuesday, the Cluster 10 family will make their way to the boarding lounge for their weekly briefing at 5:30 pm. At this briefing, Ajarns Nikki and Tshering will welcome all the kids to the meeting and update them on the announcements for that week. The kids will get a fair chance to share their thoughts and feelings about how things are going for them in school and boarding in general.

After the meeting, 6:00 pm finds the kids in the cafeteria having dinner, chatting and waiting to go for their evening prep.

Prep will see them situated in the spacious and well-lit student support centre office from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Each of them works away at their designated space and from time to time they share ideas on their assignments.

Whenever they come across some material that they cannot decipher on their own, they reach out to the Ajarns supervising them for some help. On Monday evenings, it will be Ajarns Nikki and Ersong happy and ready to assist the kids.
When they get back to their apartments, they have some time to relax and unwind before lock up time. Then they shower and brush their teeth. Some will read their favourite bedtime stories as they wait to be tucked into bed and for lights out. After lights out it’s sweet dreams. The next day, another beautiful day in boarding begins.

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