Amazing results in badminton tournaments

Prem students excelled in yesterday’s CMAC Badminton tournaments. Non and Juné both were crowned champions in the U20 division. They impressed throughout the tournament and displayed stamina as they played in 7 matches. Both players would have still been eligible to compete in the U16 tournament, which makes their achievements even more impressive.

Sherab made it all the way to the U20 girls semifinal and Pann reached the U16 boys semis.

Nino impressed in the U14 tournament, making it all the way to the championship game. Lily won all of her games until coming up short in the semifinal against the eventual champion in the U12 girls tournament. Jay also reached the semifinal in the U12 boys division.

It was a very successful afternoon for all of Prem’s badminton players with many others showing great skill and competitive spirit.

Go Panthers!

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