AGW Fundraiser

This week AGW is running a unique fundraiser, inspired by the French tradition of ‘Le Poisson D’Avril’, which literally translates as ‘April’s Fish.’ On April 1st, the French enjoy secretly sticking paper fish on the back of their friends as a lighthearted prank.
The tradition is thought to have arisen in 1564 when King Charles IX of France switched the New Year from the 1st of April to the 1st of January. However, due to a lack of communication, many of the common folk didn’t realise that the date had changed and celebrated the New Year in April anyway. Those who embraced the new calendar began playing tricks on those who hadn’t by gifting them false presents, including fake fish!
To commemorate another global tradition and have fun whilst raising money and awareness for hugely important issues, AGW is selling fish stickers during lunchtime this week. If you manage to stick your sticker on one of your friend’s back without them noticing you can take a picture (or bring your friend!) to show us on Friday to collect a prize. We will be located at the base of the SS stairs. All funds raised will be going to Freedom Story, an organisation that works to prevent child trafficking in Northern Thailand.
AGW Committee

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