AEP Grade 7: Original Fables

Over the final weeks of school, Grade 7 AEP students have engaged in a short unit of study on fables. As a final task, they created original fables in pairs and presented these to their peers in different ways.

Students first read examples of fables as a class, identifying the characters, conflicts, resolutions and morals in the stories. They also read modern versions of classic fables as well as traditional fables from their home countries.

Then students thought of morals that would be most relevant to their peers, and created stories that could teach these lessons. Some groups chose to use certain aspects of fables they already read while others wrote completely new stories. After writing the stories, they chose creative means of presenting them, ranging from stop motion animation to comic strips.

Please see pictures of their planning process below, as well as some videos of their final presentations. We hope you can discern the lessons in these stories and that you find them valuable to your own lives.

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