Adventure! Service! Teamwork! A reflection on Grade 5 Camp

I thought Grade 5 camp was so amazing, everything we did was fun and educational. My favourite part of the camp was visiting the Karen village and watching them make their own clothes. I absolutely loved trying their food, it was so delicious but it was also quite healthy.

When we were setting up the tents we had to use teamwork, my group did really well because we finished quickly. It was really funny on the cycle ride because people were getting all muddy. When finally arrived after the longest bike ride EVER!

The visit to FORRU was very inspiring because they were taking action to save the trees in Thailand. I also learned that there were 650 species of trees on the mountain. It was super fun when we were able to build our own shelters everyone got wet when A.Scott and A.Mehta made a fake rain storm. Our groups shelter would of won if the boys didn't kick it! The visit to Baan Dek was so nice we got to cook, garden, play and meet the children which was sad but good knowing they were being looked after.

At the farm we learned survival skills like how to filter water and cook which was very handy to know! Also the campfire was really fun however we had to find our own sticks from the ground in the DARK that was hard but we managed. The marshmallows were delicious when toasted perfectly I was lucky thank to my laying down technique that everyone ended up copying me. I had about 14 marshmallows but I felt really full. I really didn't like the cold showers but it was fun screaming and squealing because it was freezing. Sleeping in tents was interesting half of the time we ended up sleeping in the weirdest positions.

At the end of camp we were all shattered we were tired and grumpy but we were fine once we woke up a bit. At night the boys performed for the talent show a dance named Dabtasic which was hilarious it was so funny. A.Paddy taught us a game that we played at night that everyone loved. It was was awesome playing games in total darkness with no torches allowed. I never would've known that we were camping though I slept quite well unlike the people I was sleeping with they were so awake I felt sorry for them.

Overall camp was amazing there were lots of cool things I did and learned while on camp I also bonded more with my classmates which was good. I loved Grade 5 camp!!!

By Summer Thomas

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