Acts of Kindness

Having worked at Prem for 12 years, I never doubted the kindness and compassion that staff shows for one another.

When David died in July, I was overwhelmed with the outpourings of emotions, compassion, and care.  The work that our wonderful Thai staff did to make sure the funeral ceremony went smoothly, the meals I would find hanging on my door ensuring I did eat something every day.  The words of comfort and the sharing of stories about David all helped me get through the days, weeks and months.

The teaching staff had told me that they were going to get a seat as a memorial to David, and put this on the cricket pitch.   

On Wednesday I saw just how much David was respected and loved.   K. Aof  (A.Agnes’s partner) had been commissioned to make this bench, and in every way he captured David.  His style, his ‘quirky’ character and his love of cricket.  I could almost see David sitting there watching his favorite game.

This heartfelt message goes to all the teaching staff who contributed to this memorial, also to all parents and students who have made getting through the months a little easier.

If you are passing to the farm, running round the cricket pitch or just taking in the scenery.   Please make use of this bench, it is for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you again, 


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