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House System | Prem Tinsulanonda International School

House System

The four houses; Earth, Air, Fire and Water are designed by Prem students. Competing in events throughout the year,  Junior School and Senior School join ranks to win points for their own houses. Only one House can win at the end of the year … which will it be?


Perceptive, Reflective.  With a Hippogriff as their Mascot the students that belong to Air House have a playful and deeply unified spirit.  Their focus on the Compass School Model is Nature.  When together, they fly high above the competition in their habitat in the Clouds.


Inquiring. Thoughtful.  The Phoenix symbolizes the resilience to return from the ashes of any failure or loss and a burning resolve to compete again.  Coming from the Mountains in the South, their focus is Society on the Compass School Model


Knowledgeable. Accomplished.   Charging in from the East Mountains comes the fiercely competitive Dragons.  From the Eastern Forests with an emphasis on the Economy, the students that belong to Earth House are always ready to give a solid performance.


Aware. Compassionate.  With a serpent-like creature from Thai folklore as their mascot the students in Water House show a tremendous amount of wisdom and character in their performance.   From the Rivers in the West their focus is Well-being.

Vision. Educating global citizens who strive for excellence, live sustainably, lead responsibly, celebrate diversity, and whose integrity champions a just and more peaceful world.
Mission. We are a community that challenges its members to act as compassionate, knowledgeable and principled global citizens: working together for a sustainable future and inspired by meaningful relationships, continuous learning and good thinking.
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