Activities Round-Up

The final month of school is here and as we come to the end of the year, here are few things that have taken place in the past week.  

The A14 Girls who participated in volleyball this term, won the CMAC championship game, and U14 Boys took 2nd Place this year, Go Panthers!

The personal project is a culminating Middle Years Programme project to develop the student’s personal interest and to show and apply the skills, which are developed through the MYP’s Approaches to Learning. Our grade 10’s held their exhibition on the 9th of April in the library. The boarding students had a varied and interesting choice of topics for this year’s project. Ranging from cooking videos to workout sessions, the exhibition was a big success and we got to learn a lot about their individual interest and talents.

The Junior students last weekend went to Kids Yoga Garden Chiang Mai, it is an imaginative space to grow creatively while developing language and life skills.  All these activities such as yoga, drawings, and crafts that they were able to take home once they finished, they also provided a healthy and nutritious lunch for the kids. Such a creative bunch, trips like this are encouraged within boarding because they stimulate creativity and independence of thought.

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