'Action, Service and Sustainability' in Grade 5

In November, Gr 5 had a highly successful school camp with key themes of the three days being ‘Action, Service and Sustainability’
Here are some excerpts of the recounts Gr 5 have been busy writing since their return…

“Three days and two nights on camp. At least it was on our school campus and not on a freezing cold mountain!” Nicolai
“If you don’t know what a climbing wall is, it’s a wall that has rocks on used as footholds. I managed it up two of the walls while others were screaming and their legs were shaking violently. Our next activity was all about teamwork. I think some people were nervous about going on the low rope course in case they fell on their back. It was quite difficult because sometimes you had to balance on a rope.” Lena

“When I went rock climbing I climbed super-fast, A.Paul called me Spiderboy. It was quite scary and fun” Dong Dong
“On the second day we had breakfast and then went on a long van ride to the one and only elementary/primary school in a village that works with the Sangob foundation. Although it is in in Sangob, it has students from many hill tribes like the Karen, Northern Thai, Mong and many more. Even though most of the hill tribes have their own language, the school taught them in Thai. When we went there we taught them how to play ‘Capture the flag’, frisbee and badminton.” Jonas

“When it was time to go back home I was happy and sad because I wanted to continue the extraordinary adventure and I was happy because I got the best memories.” Fafa
“From this memorable camp, I understand deeply that we could do wonderful things when we work together because everyone has things they are good at but also things they are bad at and everyone has different advantages.” Rebecca

Here is a video of the day Gr 5 spent working with children who attend a Hill Tribe school, it was a very special experience as these classes continue their work with the Sangob Foundation.

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