FIND YOURSELF on one of the
most beautiful campuses in the world. 

Whether you are looking for a day or boarding school for short-term study or an entire school career, please take time to explore our website. We have so much to offer. Better still, come visit our stunning 100-acre lush campus in the foothills north of Chiang Mai where we can be your host to the perfect blend of academic excellence and natural wonder.

Like you, we find our strength in our core values. What matters most at Prem is engaging our students in joyful, personalised and meaningful learning which is driven by all 4 International Baccalaureate Programmes. Above all, we believe in nurturing creativity, compassion, integrity, open mindedness and good thinking. 

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Art students in studio



  • Award-winning Creative Education and Artist Integration Program
  • A commitment to developing skills not easily replicated by AI  
  • One of five International Centres for Innovation and Creativity in partnership with the International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA)
  • Culinary and Music Academies



  • Welcoming international parents from diverse backgrounds, fostering a multicultural and inclusive environment
  • Visiting Schools Program hosting 5000 international young people, fostering global connections and cultural exchange
  • A Three-Generation philosophy, building a sense of community with active parent and wider-family involvement

JS students at stream



  • Beautiful 100-acre campus integrating sustainable practices and eco-friendly initiatives
  • Working Organic Farm and Forest School promoting sustainable agriculture and environmental awareness
  •  A WWF green-flag school with a commitment to inspiring future generations of eco-conscious individuals


joyful learning

  • Engaging, joyful and personalised learning experiences designed to ignite a love for knowledge and exploration
  • Golf, Music and Tennis Academies offering opportunities for students to pursue their passions in a supportive environment
  • Boarding facilities fostering personal growth and lifelong friendships in a safe and vibrant home-away-from-home environment

Happy students


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Early Years
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Junior School
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Senior School 
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Intensive English Program

BOARDING your home away from home

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HEAR from our community

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Our students know us best! What do they think? 


We believe that a strong partnership with parents is essential for fostering a thriving educational community. Hear what they have to say. 

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Our dedicated faculty and staff shape the educational experience and nurture the potential of every student. Learn a little more about them. 


Our alumni serve as inspirational ambassadors, reflecting the excellence and global impact of our school community. We are always happy when they return for a visit! 

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