A Successful Premathlon

This past Friday, 91 Junior School students and 65 Senior School students participated in Premathlon where they completed laps in the swimming pool, raced on their bikes and ran around campus. Students showed determination, perseverance and resilience to complete a very tough assignment and had a memorable experience while raising funds and awareness for Baan Dek Foundation, which is an organization providing access to healthcare, education and safety for many migrant children in Chiang Mai.

The entire Prem community came together in making this event happen and supporting a very worthy cause. A big thank you goes to our sponsors, our Parent School Community (PSC), our teachers and students who all helped in making this a very special. All in all, the event raised THB 52,000 in cash for the Baan Dek Foundation, which will presented to the Foundation by Prem grade 5 students in a few weeks time during a visit to Baan Dek.

Our champions for each event are as follows:

Girls Short Course

  1. Michelle Tran
  2. Yinuo Ella Li
  3. Joanna Mitterhoff

Boys Short Course

  1. James Bowyer/Kevin Zhao
  2. Orion Seidler
  3. Yoshi Ishikawa

Girls Long Course

  1. Lena Morris
  2. Christy Zhang
  3. Vanessa Schraner

Boys Long Course

  1. Noa Gaysek
  2. Cameron Bowyer
  3. Ping Ping

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