A 'Spooktacular' Student Council Event!

Our Student Council plays an important role here at Prem. Last week hosting their first event, ‘Ghouls Night’. We caught up with them to see how they had found the experience of organising a high profile event:

The event was a great success, how did you try to appeal to our Prem Students? 

The student council offered many activities typically associated with Halloween activities such as a haunted house, murder mystery game, photo booth and of course a lot of food and snacks!

The events such as the murder mystery, and haunted took place indoors while our food vendors and amazing Halloween music outside kept the visitors fed and entertained!

 Why did you want to hold a Halloween event?

Starting the school year online has been difficult for students. Many feel isolated and locked in. We hope to make an effort to improve student life by organising an event to celebrate Halloween. We wanted to bring together the Prem community by organising an enjoyable, entertaining, and safe event to improve students’ lives here at Prem.

 Was the event successful?

The event was very well attended, in fact, way better than any of us in the student council anticipated leading to a currency crisis as our coupons for the event ran out!  We sold over 150 activity tickets, ad altogether the student council activities and third party student-run stalls brought in over 20,000 Baht!


What did you learn from the whole experience? 

Through this experience, we have learnt the importance of working collaboratively with groups, flexibility, adaptability and efficiency are all skills crucial for an event to be successful. It is impossible to guarantee everything will go according to plan, so we had to maintain a level of flexibility to cope with problems that arise such as last-minute covid restrictions or events being cancelled. All this made it very difficult to organize an event during our precarious time of covid. The situation limited a lot of our initial ideas as we had to limit the event in scope and keep track of all the visitors. This challenge became a learning opportunity for us as student leaders. We had to be more responsible with our decisions and consider safety protocols while planning.

A big thank you to our Student Council, for organising this event! Also thank you to the Boarding Council who organised some delicious snacks to keep everyone fed and happy during the event.

Jane Waterman & Ariel Zhang

Marketing & Student Council Representative

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