In English Language Acquisition classes, we’ve been working on identity and the sense of belonging to a group or community for the past three weeks. 

In the first week, we created a mural where each student had to introduce themselves. They were free to choose how they presented their information. The result was creative and colourful. During our second week, each grade explored a different aspect of identity and belonging. Grade 6 examined friendships and challenges to arriving in middle school. Grade 7 studied branding and how we represent ourselves to others. Grade 8 interviewed each other about their sense of belonging, and Grade 9 had a lot of conversations about what makes a family. 

Below are examples of some student quotes that highlight what they think about being at Prem: 

Grade 6, commenting about their first two weeks of school:

Vicky, English Phase 4: “All the people here are kind and friendly. Students and teachers helped me get to know the school better.” 

Isabella, English Phase 3: “I think learning at Prem is fun, and I like it here a lot!”

Jerry, English Phase 3: “I really enjoyed my life here at Prem these last two weeks, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year!”

Grade 8, writing about the sense of belonging: 

Kent, English Phase 5: “One thing that I was very surprised about when I moved to Prem was that I never got bullied by anyone, it gave me confidence, and now I can live happily without fear.”

Mona, English Phase 4: “Do you think you belong here, at Prem? Yes, because I feel comfortable and relaxed here. Being here helps me find my real identity.”


Ann-Carole Laborde

Language Acquisition English Teacher

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