A Night of Magic

In boarding, the junior students are given extra attention by staff to make sure that they stay healthy by eating nutritious foods and to finish their homework every night after dinner. The junior students also enjoy a variety of activities in boarding such as the Saturday morning farm activity where they take part in activities in learning how to cook, how to take care of the farm animals and different farming techniques.

After a long restful weekend, the junior boarders had a relaxing evening this past Tuesday where they were given time to watch a movie, read a book, and catch up on homework in the common room.

Ajarn Nikki had brought a magic trick kit for everyone to play with, and she demonstrated then taught the juniors a disappearing ball magic trick.

This trick requires three small cups and one small ball. The three cups are lined up with the ball inside one of the cups, then the audience guesses in which cup the ball is under after the cups had been shuffled around. Everybody was so surprised when the ball was nowhere to be found!

It was a great night filled with magic and fun!

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