A mix of culture and nature at Sangob Foundation

Within the Intensive English Programme, we have set up a community service project in collaboration with Sangob Foundation and we will visit the foundation once per term over the year.

Our second community service day was Thursday 26 November. The Sangob Foundation educators put together a race in which the students had to find their way to different stations by collaborating in teams and deciphering clues.

All teams completed five different activities: practising the basic moves of traditional Thai sword dancing, preparing a raised bed, making a krathong or a festive Loy Krathong banner, labelling plants and trees and finishing a course in a challenging team-building exercise.

All of the activities were geared towards team building, teaching creative and independent thinking and connecting with local culture and nature. It was great to see so much involvement from all of our students.

In Term 3, we will visit one of the Karen villages that is supported by the Sangob Foundation. We are looking forward to learning about their traditions and rituals!

Want to know more about the Foundation? Click here.

Elke Van dermijnsbrugge 
Intensive English Programme Coordinator

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