A message from the Junior School Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


I hope this message finds you well and your weekend is off to a fine start. Here is an update about our new Remote Learning procedures in the Junior School. I have also included a reminder about the CMAC Junior School Track and Field event to be hosted at Prem this Monday. 


Remote Learning in the Junior School 


In the Junior School we have put some new remote learning procedures in place. With students in quarantine, worries surrounding the Coronavirus and AQI levels on the rise as we head towards March, we feel this is a necessary step so that all Prem students are afforded opportunities for continuous and rich learning.

This new system for remote learning will align to our curriculum and allow our students to access learning outcomes, whether they are at home or overseas. Starting this upcoming week, our parents in the Junior School can expect a weekly correspondence from their child’s homeroom teacher. This will come to you through Seesaw. In this correspondence you will find assigned tasks that your child can do remotely. These will come from the various subject areas, including Unit of Inquiry (UOI), Mathematics, Language/Literacy, Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and LOTE.


It is important to note that you may disregard this email if your child is attending school as per normal.


Here is some information and important considerations with respect to our remote learning program:


  • In order to successfully participate in our remote learning program, you and your child will need access to a computer with the internet. A. Susan will also be forwarding you a supply list of useful materials that you can purchase to support your child’s Visual Arts learning.


  • A few parents have indicated that they would like to take their children away from Chiang Mai from March 16 – April 3, during the height of the smoky season. Prior to this time, we will review our current remote learning procedures to determine if they will be sufficient or if additional steps will be needed.


  • We will operate this remote learning program up until the two-week April holiday. Thereafter, we will evaluate the situation to determine if additional time is needed to run further remote learning.


  • While we will do our best to create a strong learning program that can be used remotely, we acknowledge that this approach to student learning will not be as good as what is offered in the classroom. In the PYP, our students benefit from a carefully planned and intentionally orchestrated pedagogical approach that sees them constructing understanding through guided inquiry and experiential learning opportunities. The depth and complexity of these learning experiences are difficult to replicate through online learning. Nonetheless, we will do our best to afford your children who are away from school access to a rigorous and robust remote learning program.


  • This endeavour represents an extra layer of work for our educators. I would like to thank them and extend my great appreciation for their efforts.


CMAC Junior Track and Field on Monday


At Prem we are excited to be hosting the CMAC Junior School Track and Field event this Monday, 17 February. Our Director of Athletics & Activities, Lee Stevens, has already sent an email to students and parents about this, but I thought a reminder might be prudent. Of course, this plan may change if the AQI is above 150, in which case, you will receive notification of cancellation before 6.30 am.

Here is some important information about the even: CMAC Junior Track and Field


Thanks as always to our parents for their support and partnership. 


With appreciation,

A.Justin Jarman

Junior School Principal



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