A Memorable Silhouette Social Night at Kantary Hills

This past weekend, senior boarders from grades 8 to 12 had a fantastic experience at the Kantary Hills Hotel.

It was a night celebrating the annual Social event that is attended be various international high school students in Chiang Mai.

This year’s Social was titled Silhouette Social and the chosen dress code was black, white and gold.

Apart from exhibiting awesome individual fashion statements, it also was a night to dine and dance, take selfies and share laughs and extraordinary camera poses.

It was a particularly special night for the grade 8’s because unlike previous years, the invitation was extended to include them as well rather than just grade 9 and above.

It was also a good breather and a way to let loose a bit for the grade 12’s who are currently doing their IB Diploma exams.

Led and organized by the student council, this is the type of event that inspires meaningful relationships among the student community and it is a cool and fun way to champion global citizenship. The significance of such events for our boarders can be best summed up by what one of our grade 11 boys said after the event:

“Silhouette social on last Saturday was beyond my expectation. Good finger foods were prepared well with the perfect selection and invitation of a professional DJ was the best decision that Social ever made.

I’m sincerely hoping that the school has the intention of opening other various types of social events for entertainment.”

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