A History of Hand to Paw

Hand to Paw was started in 2009 by a group of Prem teachers and students who found a dog outside of Prem campus and wanted to help! They combined efforts, raised funds, took the dog to the clinic, and saved its life! There was no one else looking after the dog and it got everyone thinking about all the other dogs in Chiang Mai that no one else looks after. So they decided to “adopt” a few of the temples in the area. Prem students and staff soon were looking after more than 10 temples (and 50 dogs) in the area! Hand to Paw‘s work has grown exponentially and they are now spaying over 2,500 cats and dogs a year, helping hundreds of temple and street dogs get vaccinated and receive medical care when needed (they help low-income families look after their animals too when possible), and they are feeding over 100 dogs each month!
Prem helps Hand to Paw through the Exploria Programme. Through this programme, they help to develop fundraising ideas and events.  As well as getting practical experience of helping to care for the dogs in our local community.
If you would like to volunteer or donate money to the charity please contact Amandine:

Amandine Hawker-Lecesne

Whole School Counsellor

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