A Big Thank You To Our Prem Community

Thank you to our Prem Community for your donations. They will be sent to help families living up in the mountains that are in need of warm clothes and to the local homeless community. This is only half of what’s been gathered! Tonight, more blankets and more jackets will be purchased thanks to your generosity and kindness for these families! We gathered warm sweaters, shoes of all sizes, hot plates for cooking, pants, stuffed animals, pillows, shampoo, and so much more!
A BIG thank you to Kru Milk, Ajarn Sarah, Ajarn Cara, Ajarn Trisha, Ajarn Tsering, Ajarn Wendy, Ajarn Mayada, Ajarn Emma, Ajarn Lucy, Ajarn Susan, Ajarn Amandine, our boarding students, and our Prem parents Yuki and Harin.
Know that your donations were all put to wonderful use! 💖
If anyone would like to send in a donation to help buy any last-minute items, you still can!
Please contact Ajarn Amandine: amandinel@ptis.ac.th

Amandine Hawker-Lecesne

Whole School Counsellor

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