9th CMAC Team Championship For Prem

This week, Prem's U12 and U14 futsal teams competed in the Chiang Mai Athletics Conference (CMAC) championships. 

Prem hosted the U12 boys tournament on Tuesday. The Panthers drew with CMIS in an exciting opening game before convincingly beating APIS and Grace. In the semifinal, the boys won a close game against Lanna, 2-1. At the end of a long day for the teams, Prem played NIS in the final. Prem came out flying, scoring some early goals before taking home the CMAC trophy. This marked Prem's ninth CMAC team championship this school year.

The U12 girls tournament was hosted by CMIS. Prem played some good futsal throughout the day and finished in fifth place. The U14 boys team traveled to Grace on Monday and qualified for the semifinals with good results in the group stage. The Panthers gave it their all and finished the day in fourth place.


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