9 and 10th graders need 9-10 hours of sleep!

Students in grade 9 and 10 were astonished to learn that, for their age, they should be sleeping 10 hours a night! In our workshop this week, we discussed how the amount a person sleeps is intrinsically tied to their energy levels, food cravings, mood, and ability to recall facts.

If you want to be irritable, unfocused, and hungry? Make sure to get less than 8 hours of sleep a night!

If you want to be sharp, creative, more positive, in better shape, and less depressed? Get at least 9 hours of sleep a night!

Three tips to get enough sleep:

  1. Get to bed by 10pm
  2. If you need background noise, use something familiar and consistent (like a fan)
  3. Don’t hit snooze! Set your alarm for the latest possible time and jump out of bed.


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