5 ways to enjoy the holidays

Amandine Lecesne, School Counsellor and contributor to the monthly Adult Wellness Series ( add link), has written this to help us be more mindful during the next few weeks.

Practise generosity
There's a saying I came across in an artist's gallery: "If you have more than enough, give it to the world". We have so much to give! Identify someone or a cause in need and share a bit of your wealth and blessings with them. You'll feel more authentically connected to your community and you'll realise that you DO have the power to positively impact others' lives. Giving to others is one of the greatest gifts of all 🙂

Practise gratitude
The holidays are not a time to demand gifts but to celebrate how much we already have and develop gratitude for what we receive. Abstain from having expectations about gifts or experiences you think you "should" have and, instead, remember that having family, friends, health, and our community means we are already extraordinarily rich! 

Practise mindfulness
Try and focus on the present (not just the presents!) and give your full attention to loved ones during the holidays. Take time to talk to the members of your family and truly find out how they are doing. Share your time and attention! Happiness doesn't come from things but from our interaction with others.

Practice creating joy
What makes you laugh, giggle, feel connected to others? Whatever it might be, create the opportunity to do so! 

Take time off to relax, but don't forget to read!
It's important to work hard during the school term and to relax during the holidays. But the holidays are a perfect opportunity to keep reading books and material that inspire our curiosity and learning!

Amandine Lecesne

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