Hands On Activity in Grade 4

Grade 4 is coming to an end of their Who We Are UOI looking at the wellbeing of the human body relies on many healthy systems working together. This hands-on activity allowed them to build a model that demonstrated the flexing action of the human hand. The string acted as tendons that we talked about being connected to the muscles in our forearm. Students even thought that the straws they laid out on their hands were acting as the bones. Students brought in their knowledge of different body systems, predicting that this activity would be about the skeletal system, muscular system, and nervous system. They justified their reasoning with the knowledge they gained through their research. Further throughout creating the model they were able to see how the different systems might be connected by using our model to see the different parts, and what is needed in order to make movement in their fingers. Throughout the rest of the week, we will go back to wonderings they made earlier in the unit, justifying what body system is needed to answer the question and this will enhance their knowledge that all the systems within our body are connected.

Megan Gless

Grade 4 Teacher

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