Music - The Fabric of Life

Music beats right at the heart of the human soul!

Imagine a life without music? No pop stars or rock bands?  No composers, arrangers or performers?  No recording studios?  No music Apps to download and play with?  No streaming or downloading of your favourite songs?  No background music for the latest blockbusting Film or TV programme?  No magical background music to your favourite online games?  No musicals? No ‘Greatest Showman’ or Disney Musical?  No music in the car?  No music as you exercise and run around?  No music in restaurants, lifts, hotels?

In fact…….no music anywhere?  The world would be a very sad place!

Whether you sing in the shower or take part in the next school musical.  Maybe you secretly play air guitar at home in front of the mirror or are already part of one of the many school ensembles. Whatever part music plays in your life, it is hard to imagine life without music.

Feeling happy, sad or just lost in your own thoughts? We all turn to music at some point in our day. Why? Because music allows us to express our feelings and emotions in a way that words cannot. Music brings joy to those who listen and a sense of pride and excitement to those of you who are performers. You know what it feels like when you learn a new piece of music and share it with your friends and see the smiles on their faces. Playing a musical instrument or singing is a great way to make new friends.

Learning to play an instrument will give you a deeper appreciation of music. It will build your confidence in language and communication skills. It can boost your mathematics, reading and writing skills. It can help you to work together in a team.

You may not be planning to go on to follow a professional music career, but learning to play and sing can and will become a lifelong passion. The skills that you learn through your music-making will help you with everyday challenges whilst at the same time your journey of listening and enjoying music will never end and you will not only make yourself happy, but you will also bring joy and happiness to many people.

Joyful learning through joyful music-making…make someone smile today and sing a song or play your instrument – you could change a life.


Christopher Johnson

Director of Music – The Prem Academy of Music

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