Stop the Smoke Concert: Heart Warming and Inspirational!

Prem musicians join forces in forming the Thai Northern Thailand Youth Orchestra as they presented their inaugural Gala Concert, held at the Shangri-La Hotel on Thursday 1st April. It was wonderful to see some of our young musicians as they performed with 80+ musicians on stage and inpsirational conductors. The music was perfect, and the hospitality and service at the Shangri La hotel was outstanding.

This charity dinner-concert raised funds for the Warm Heart ‘Stop the Smoke’ campaign. The work done by this organization is very powerful and points a way for farmers and the whole population to benefit from the production of biochar from agro-waste rather than burning. More details can be found in this article publicizing the event from Citylife Chiang Mai who are great advocates for this initiative: HERE

Congratulations to our young musicians for being part of this very special music collaboration with other young musicians from the North of Thailand.

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