Kindness and Gratitude

Recently we posted a piece of writing by one of our boarding students, Emily, in which she described her experience of the impact on the global Covid-19 crisis on her life, how she had been cared for, and how much she missed her family. Having read this, and being moved by Emily’s eloquence, a group of Prem parents decided to cook for our boarders as a way of reaching out. It is this sort of community spirit that makes Prem such a special place. Below you will see Emily’s thank you. We add our deep gratitude to the members of our parent community for their heart –谢谢,ขอบคุณ.

Dear:Teachers and parents

I’m very excited to write to  express my thanks to you.

Now, I am a PTIA student in our school, and I am so glad about that. Thank you for your consideration and all of your help.

Yesterday, parents cooked a big table of delicious food for us. I mentioned in my composition that I like spicy food, so they cooked some spicy food for me . Thank parents for their attention to us. Although we can’t go home because of the Covid-19 , the enthusiasm of parents made me feel at home.

Also thank the teachers for taking care of us and caring for our physical and mental health during the epidemic. Especially thanks to A.Maggie and A.Chance, who have no vacation, take care of us all summer vacation and cook for us every day.

Finally, I would like to thank A.Lynda and A.Linda, A.Lynda for preparing a 10-day language arts camp for us.It not only makes us doing more exercise, but also makes us realize the importance of teamwork. Thanks to A.Linda, who pays great attention to our school life and gives us encouragement and help.

                                                                Your students


NB: Please note the students in the photograph without masks had just put down their plates as they were eating. At all other times the group was socially distanced and masked.

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