Thai High Coffee

On September 19th, some G11 and G12 CP students from the CISI and BTEC courses had the chance to go to Thai High Coffee. It is a coffee factory where they process and sell coffee beans. The students got the chance to understand how the business operates from beginning to end. They also had the chance to taste different types of drinks such as “The Firecracker” where tonic water is mixed with concentrated coffee.

CP students have started up an organization called “Local Prem Coffee” and it is an organization that helps give back to Coffee Farmers by making sure they are paid fairly. You will definitely hear more about this organization as we are selling at the Community Market on Friday, 5th October!

“I’m impressed with the overall presentation of Thai High Coffee. We get to know how their coffee business started and how they operate their business. We all got a chance to taste different types of coffee such as cold brew. I believe that we will work well together in the future.” – Mook G12 CISI student.

“The trip to Thai High Coffee was very good. It educated me a lot on coffee making and the different types of coffee. They were very helpful and eager to help Local Prem Coffee to get set up. On top of this, I also learned a bit about the coffee industry and the profit distribution.”
– Jigme G12 CISI student.

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