Grade 6 Science

Learning is a dynamic process with no boundaries, it happens everywhere all the time, especially for our Grade 6 students. The Prem Farm is a place where students can explore and learn about sustainable farming methods. Farmers Scott, Marta, Ice and Ter ran 4 informative sessions sharing their knowledge on waste management, aquaponics and the King’s Royal Sufficiency Economy Theory.

Witty from Grade 8, came into the classroom to teach us about her Biogas unit that she designed in Product Design class run by Ajarn Mark Bosworth. Biogas is a biological function just like in humans. When we eat food we are essentially composting because biological processes are breaking down food, releasing energy to keep us warm. An additional byproduct is a gas and sometimes that is a funny word but we are indeed producing gas just like in nature that can be used for fuel to cook food, heat the house and clean the clothes.

The penultimate activity was to reflect on everything we learned and to design a sustainable farm.

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