Real life action in Grade 3

Grade 3 has been working hard inquiring into plastic and it’s effects on the environment. We have investigated various countries around the world and their recycling systems. Through this we have also looked at examples of action. On Friday we were very lucky to have a group of guests, and former Prem students, present the action they have started around Chiang Mai. Win, and his team, have began the Last Straw campaign which has convinced 22 coffee shops around Chiang Mai and Mae Rim to limit their straw and plastic use. They have also encouraged these stores to reward customers with a 10% discount if they bring their own reusable cup or arrive by bicycle. Using this example of action, our Grade 3 students were given a series of problems. They had to brainstorm interesting, effective and creative ways to take action and fix the problem.

If you are curious and want to learn more, please check out The Last Straw CNX on facebook.

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