2017 IEP Juniors Cross Country Run

After our successful completion of Term 2 of 2017, we are pleased that some IEP kids are joining the JS Cross Country Run for the celebration.
All IEP teachers and students come to cheer for our young risk-takers for their courage, confidence and audacity committed to the run. For some of them, this might be the first time they join the event in their life and it’s not an easy decision to make at the last minute.

  1. Warming Up

2. Getting Ready

3. Goooooooooo, IEP!

This is the shining moment for our kids running cross country because it is a sport where efforts of training, devotion and persistence are rewarded. The experience of overcoming long distance not only get into their legs but become a memorable part of their life as well.
4) Chill and rest down ~

5) Mark the Day! Good job, Champs!

All the IEP kids run with great efforts and most importantly, they maintain a high level of fun and enjoyment throughout the race to be a true open-minded risk-taker. We all remember this exciting day and the story to challenge yourselves. Well done, IEP!

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