Breast Cancer Awareness

As you may know, Kib, our beloved Senior School secretary, was diagnosed with cancer and underwent an operation. She has started chemo treatments and will soon be shaving her head.

When Kib was recovering from her surgery, she admitted that she was scared to lose her hair. In a powerful statement of solidarity, a few teachers decided that they, too, would shave their hair so that Kib wasn’t alone with this fear.

With Kib’s permission, on Tuesday this week, 4 teachers shaved their hair in front of a sea of pink shirts (in support of Breast Cancer Awareness).

We understand that Cancer is so, so much more than just losing hair. But shaving our hair is not without significance. The bald head is a way of saying “I’m here with you, even if I can’t walk in your shoes.”

We will be collecting funds until November 15th to help offer some support to Kib and her family as she recovers. If you’d like to help, you can come and find me personally to make a donation, or you can send it through PayPal: Hand 2 Paw, email, Merchant: SXTKJNAEZGFME

We are requesting not to approach Kib to talk about the cancer unless you have a very good relationship with her (so as not to overwhelm her with questions), but if you want to reach out to let her know you care about her, you can write her a note or a card and bring it to her, or bring healthy foods to share with her.
If you have questions, email me at
Warmest regards, Amandine

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